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Injera - flatbread from Ethiopia and Eritrea with Susanne Vögeli

They are called injera and are the basis of all meals in Ethiopia and Eritrea: the soft, airy flatbreads made from teff, the smallest grain. Topped with spicy pastes made from pulses and vegetables, they contain everything we expect from a healthy diet.

The cook and grain connoisseur Susanne Vögeli shows how to make injera and the traditional side dishes. The flour from teff contains many nutrients and brings spice to the fruity-tasting sourdough pastry. The liquid injera dough is baked in the pan like a crêpe. In the course we will prepare different varieties of injera: with teff, buckwheat and emmer.
You can take home a jar of sourdough for injera.

This course is suitable for vegan diet.



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Tuesday, May 07, 2024


Museum Mühlerama
Seefeldstrasse 231
8008 Zurich

Course management
Susanne Vögeli

CHF 155.00 incl. catering

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