Your visit to the Mühlerama


Adults CHF 15.–
Children/Youth 6 to 18 years           CHF 9.–
Groups children (from 10 people) CHF 8.–
Groups adults (from 10 people)                         CHF 12.–
Reduced adults (Legi, IV, AHV) CHF 12.–
Reduced children (Legi, IV) CHF 8.–


For children (under 16 years) an adult escort is mandatory.

Free admission with the ZürichCARD, the Kulturlegi, the Swiss Museum Pass and with a Raiffeisen card (Maestro or credit card )

Postcard, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa cards and TWINT are accepted.

Guided tours
Guided tour of the mill: daily 1 x in the afternoon.
Every Wednesday at 18:30 there is an additional short guided tour of the mill.

The guided tour is included in the entrance fee.




Our museum is only limited wheelchair accessible (bakery ground floor and WC)

Our media offerings are suitable for the hearing and visually impaired.

For more detailed information contact us by phone.

Opening hours

Tuesday 14 till 18 o'clock
Wednesday 14 till 21 o'clock
Thursday                                    14 till 18 o'clock
Friday 14 till 18 o'clock
Saturday 14 till 18 o'clock
Sunday     10 till 17 o'clock

Evenings at the museum:
Open Wednesdays until 9 pm -.
Guided tour at 18.30


Registration vacation nurseries

Dear after-school care managers
We are very pleased with your interest in our museum. Visitor management is especially important during the vacation season. Our facilities are overloaded when too many visitors come to the same tent. Therefore it is important that you book your visit at least one week in advance. Otherwise we reserve the right to turn you away or make you wait. Thank you for your understanding and see you soon at the Mühle!

Museum store

Currently we sell a selection of our flour assortment in selected branches of Buchmann Bakery and in Kornsilo.

Soft wheat (white, semi-white, ruch, stoneground wholemeal and spaetzli flour)
Durum wheat (fine semolina)
Spelt (white, half-white, ruch, wholemeal)
Rye (dark, light, wholemeal)
Maize (polenta, ribel maize, farina bona)
Emmer (semolina fine)
Einkorn (light, dark)
Chestnuts (seasonal)
and various mixtures (Zopfmehl, 4 - grain, Kloster, Buure flour)

Furthermore, you will find a large selection of baking and cooking books, kitchen utensils, snacks, as well as children's and gift items.

Of course, vouchers (for museum, store, course offer) are also available.



Children from the age of 6 at the earliest (accompanied by adults) benefit the most from our varied offers.




All texts of the museum Mühlerama are bilingual. And most of our staff are multilingual.

Exceptions: Some special exhibitions are only available in German. Please inquire in advance.