Permanent exhibition

The talking house

Equipped with a flour brush, you explore our house. And the house speaks to you: In an audio play, it tells the history and stories of the Tiefenbrunnen Mill. 60'

Overview and insights digital

Six screens use animations to provide an overview - and an insight into the details of how flour is made. Short films from Bühler AG explain what the challenges of the future are for food production. 45'

The secret

Flour disappears from the mill and no one knows why. Who will solve "The dark secret of the Tiefenbrunnen mill"? 60'

The factory

Plates of food pass by on a conveyor belt. If something appeals to you, press the stop button. Now you can learn more about enjoyment, health and ecology.

The mini mill

Four models show how the mill works. Take a look, try it out, understand.  

The mill in operation

Once in the afternoon the bell rings: Now the industrial mill from 1913 starts. Our miller leads through the house and explains at the running mill how the flour is produced.

The workshop

Cooperation is required here! You grind your own flour from wheat grains on various mills. You can even try out a real stone grater from the pile-dwelling era. You can take the flour home or bake a roll from it in the baking workshop.    

The slide

You don't have to go down it anymore: Once upon a time, the wooden slide was used to carry heavy sacks down, but today it welcomes tired museum visitors.