About the Mühlerama

Our museum is actually a mill.
The Tiefenbrunnen industrial mill, which is over 100 years old, is the oldest mill in the Zurich area that is still in operation. Flour is produced here almost every day.
But the mill is also a museum.
In the permanent exhibition on three floors, an impressive machinery of wheels, hoppers, vibrators, running belts and wooden pipes tells of the complex path from grain to bread and the ancient craft of milling. Our special exhibitions are also always about food; the food of the past, present and future, food production, enjoyment but also health and ecology.
The museum's offer is complemented by a wide range of workshops and guided tours for children and adults. The baking school, guided tours of the historic mill and the special exhibitions are particularly popular.

Contact persons

Museum Team

Museum management
Pius Tschumi
044 422 76 09

Head of Mill and Mediation
Andreas Bommer
044 422 89 55

Reception, store, operations
Luana Cardu
044 422 76 60

Booking and advice
Elisabeth Sinstadt
044 422 76 60

Baking and Cooking School
Julia Graf
044 387 99 77

Education and placement
Claudia Winteler


Education and mediation
Johanna Bardill, Julia Graf, Christina Hänni, Enes Kekec, Beat Maumary, Christiane Ruzek, Elena Santi, Claudia Winteler

Mill operation
Andreas Bommer, Beat Maumary, Christiane Ruzek, Claudia Winteler, Martin Manser

Luana Cardu, Cornelia Blattmann, Cécile Eicher, Ambar Rüdisühli, Claudia Winteler

Cleaning services
Clean-Service AG, Oberengstringen

Board of Trustees

Daniel Wehrli
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Thomas Bratschi
Board of Trustees

René Rausenberger
Board of Trustees

Ruth Wagner
Board of Trustees



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Image material

"The Factory" conveyor belt to pleasure, health and ecology (JPG)

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"The Factory" conveyor belt to pleasure, health and ecology (JPG)

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"Mini mill" didactic hands on station on conveying technology mill (JPG).

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New reception and museum store (JPG)

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Bakehouse, workshop room (JPG)

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Bakehouse, workshop room and historic indistrie mill (JPG)

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Roller mill with projection of historical images (JPG)

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