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Spelt sourdough

with Jakob Limacher

In this course for experienced sourdough bakers, Jakob Limacher shows you how to make really good spelt sourdough bread.
We use flours from different spelt varieties such as Copper, Raisa, Glacier and Edelweisser. The grain comes from the region, for example from (click on the link). We work with preliminary stages (sourdoughs, swelling and scalding pieces). This gives us more flavor, better digestibility and a longer shelf life. We use a basic recipe to make breads and vary them in different ways, for example by shaping them (pizza or focaccia) or adding ingredients such as roasted walnuts, olives or tomatoes.

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Thursday, October 03, 2024


Museum Mühlerama Seefeldstrasse 231 8008 Zurich

Course management
Jakob Limacher

CHF 155.00 incl. catering

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