Past exhibitions

Witching Hour

02.03.2011 - 31.12.2011

At the dark hour of the ghosts, a queasy feeling creeps over even the bravest. Fear of ghosts has accompanied people since time immemorial, and even today the misty figures fascinate us. And not only as fiction in film and literature, but also as very real beings. The belief in ghosts is very much alive and has not died out in our country either.

At first glance, magical thinking seems to have disappeared from our everyday lives today. Since the Enlightenment, rational thinking has been in demand. However, the more rationalistic we think and loudly deny ghosts in the bright light of day, the more vividly they haunt the world of the unconscious. And indeed, the belief in ghosts is still there today, although it usually takes place in secret.

The exhibition explains the importance of ghosts in our society today and lets ghost believers have their say. A look into the past shows which ideas of ghosts our ancestors lived with. And last but not least, it is about the most gruesome side of ghosts: the haunting.

In addition to the descriptions and reports, critical questions are also asked about how and why, because the gulf between spirit believers and non-believers is deep - as it should be for questions of faith. Unambiguous answers cannot be given. This is illustrated by the "Ghost Club," a round of ghost experts from a wide variety of directions who discuss with each other after each of the four exhibition chapters.


Exhibition curators
Karin Renold
Franziska Rüttimann

Exhibition Assistance
Margrit Schnorf

Overall management
Franziska Rüttimann, Museum Mühlerama

Exhibition construction
Andreas Bommer

Wenger Zurflüh
Heidy-Jo Wenger

Martina Ott

Karin Renold
Franzsika Rüttimann

Editing sound recordings
Roland Fatzer

Film Sam Hess and ghost discussion
Thomas Batschelet

Film assistance
Luis Vicuña Muñoz

Speaker sound recording Joller
Matthias Rüttimann

Speaker sound recording C.G. Jung
Rainer Zur Linde

GraphischeAnstalt J.E. Wolfensberger AG

Retonio Breitenmoser, Dreamfactory, Degersheim
Haus zum Dolder, Collection Dr. Edmund Müller, Beromünster
Historical Museum Obwalden, Sarnen
Parish of the Redeemer, Zurich
Museum of Cultures, Basel
Nidwald Museum, Stans
Praxedis Niederberger, Giswil

Total costs
CHF 76,785.40

With the financial support of
Hans Vontobel
Walter Haefner Foundation
Hamasil Foundation
Migros Culture Percentage
City of Zurich

We thank
Volker Anding
Davor Baggio
Basel Psi Association
Peter Brugger
Brigitt Flüeler
Matthias Güldenstein
Sam Hess
Ghost Hunters Switzerland
Christof Hirtler
Anna-Katharina Höpflinger
Waltraut Körner
Christian D. Link
Walter von Lucadou
Andreas Mile
Jos Näpflin
Salvatore Rizzo
Ina Schmied-Knittel
Yves Schumacher
Ernst Spengler
Klara Spichtig
State Archives Nidwalden
To all those who (anonymously) made themselves available for an interview

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