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Ravioli & Co: Stuffed pasta with Anna Pearson

In this course we dedicate ourselves with Anna Pearson to filled pasta in all variations - from small varieties like agnolotti dal plin to rotolo, a kind of giant pasta roulade. Anna shows us how to shape the different varieties, what pasta can be filled with, and what preparations go with it. In addition, she reveals to us the small, decisive details. What needs to be taken care of so that wafer-thin egg-based doughs don't crack during cooking? How can filled pasta be stored until cooking?
In small groups, we will prepare different types of pasta and then enjoy them with matching sughi. Course participants will also receive detailed instructions to take home.

This course is ideal for people who are already familiar with the basics of pasta making and have some experience.

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Sunday, March 17, 2024


Museum Mühlerama
Seefeldstrasse 231
8008 Zurich

Course management
Anna Pearson

CHF 155.00 incl. catering

This course is fully booked.