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Plant power - Vegan proteins with lentil lena

From the UN to the Federal Council - everyone is calling for more plant proteins in the diet. How we can easily and enjoyably incorporate our extra portion of vegetable protein into everyday life is shown to us by legume expert Lena Rutishauser aka Linsenlena in this course: From crunchy to creamy, savory to sweet, we explore simple but new and surprising preparation possibilities with peas, lentils and beans. Getting creative with lentils & co. is our goal: besides granola, pancakes, quiche we also make various other snacks from legumes.

In addition, we learn everything worth knowing about the nutritional value and handling of pulses - why are they so healthy, what do we need to consider when cooking, how do we combine them intelligently with other ingredients (keyword: amino acid profile), how do we improve digestibility - and are also inspired to create new ideas for our own pulse recipes from easily available ingredients that are as regional and seasonal as possible.

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Thursday, September 14, 2023


Museum Mühlerama
Seefeldstrasse 231
8008 Zurich

Course management
Lena Rutishauser

CHF 155.00 incl. catering

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