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Master of Cheese - film premiere with cheese, bread and wine

Master of Cheese tells the story of one of the best cheesemakers in the world, who makes his loaves in a cheese dairy the size of a living room. Willi Schmid has an extraordinary gift: he can tell what the cow has eaten by the taste of her milk. He knows every animal by name, can name every plant in his valley and relies exclusively on his intuition when making cheese. Thanks to his unique talent and his tireless work, he produces outstanding, sustainable cheeses that are coveted worldwide.

Master of Cheese is an impressive example of craftsmanship that goes hand in hand with sustainable food production. Willi Schmid had the courage to listen to the voice of nature. He spared no effort in refining his craft to precision. A touching life story, hopeful, exciting and educational - this film tells us about honest food on our plates. And inspires us to tackle the changes that are urgently needed in the world.

Exclusive Zurich premiere in the presence of Myriam Zumbühl, filmmaker and journalist.
As a snack, we serve selected cheeses from Willi Schmid with fresh sourdough bread from our bakery and fine wine from the region.

Film trailer

With the kind support of Amstad Chäslädeli Zürich and Kellerei Kloster Einsiedeln.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2023


Museum Mühlerama
Seefeldstrasse 231
8008 Zurich

With filmmaker Myriam Zumbühl

CHF 45.00 Incl. cheese snack and drink

This course is fully booked.