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Proteins for the world: insects in focus

01.09.2018 - 30.06.2019

How will we provide enough protein for a world population of over 9 billion people in 30 years? The exhibition provides an overview of protein-rich foods, demonstrates the cultural significance of insect consumption, and provides an insight into the industrial breeding and processing of insects.

In five thematic areas, the exhibition highlights the development of the world's population and its protein needs with the corresponding sustainable alternatives. Protein sources from plants and animals need to be re-evaluated, the current food industry is not expected to be able to meet the demand for meat or high-quality proteins in 30 years, and the environmental impact continues to increase.

The diversity of insects and their consumption (entomophagy) is shown in the exhibition through projects from around the world. The Danish film Bugs in collaboration with the Nordic Food Lab will be shown for the first time in Switzerland with German subtitles in the exhibition.

Through collaboration with Bühler Insect Technology AG, the exhibition provides an insight into the industrial processing of the Black SoldierFly (gun fly) into animal feed. This new approach to producing high-quality proteins is largely unknown and is a component of more sustainable breeding of fish, chickens, and pigs. These protein and fat products are on display in Switzerland for the first time.


Exhibition curator
Dr. Linda Münger

Overall management
Pius Tschumi, Museum Mühlerama

Exhibition construction
Daniel Robert Hunziker, Andreas Bommer

Graphics & Design Exhibition
Emanuel Tschumi, Museum Mühlerama, Daniel Robert Hunziker, Printing: Bost production


German subtitles "Bugs
Manuela Vonwiller

Marcel Hänggi

Total costs
CHF 77'002.00

Dr. Andreas Baumann (Bühler Insect Technology), Daniel Ambühl (Skyfood), Dr. Michael Greeff (ETH Zurich), essento, Thomas Bratschi (CEO foodward), Verein Kreislauf (mealworm breeding),
Elisabeth Klusman (Zoological Museum of the University of Zurich)

Technical advice
Dr. Stefan Diener, Biovision and Eawag Dr. Bram Dortmans, Eawag
Prof. Alexander Mathys, ETH Zurich

With the financial support of
Avina Foundation
Contribution fund of the Finance Department of the City of Zurich Bühler AG, Uzwil

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