Past exhibitions

Hunger. An exhibition about scarcity and abundance

03.07.2021 - 13.03.2022

We all know hunger. It comes over us again and again. It makes us tired or irritable. What happens in the body when we are hungry? What does an empty stomach feel like? What does it mean to be full? When circumstances allow, we eat until we are full, often beyond. But not everyone has this option. Many people have to accept hunger as a permanent condition.

One in ten people worldwide suffer from chronic hunger and one in four live in food insecurity - they don't know in the morning whether they will be full in the evening. In many places, there is also a lack of money for a balanced diet. Where poverty prevails, many fight against malnutrition, while others fight against obesity.

This world of contrasts can be explored in the new exhibition at the museum Mühlerama . It starts with the "Hunger Appreciation Station" by Dutch eating designer Marije Vogelzang. With unusual loudspeakers and an auditory meditation, visitors can explore their own hunger.

The thematically structured exhibition sheds light on hunger from different perspectives. It presents the latest scientific findings on hunger and satiety mechanisms. It addresses social and cultural influences on our eating behavior, discusses voluntary abstinence and wasteful excess. The exhibition also sheds light on political issues surrounding hunger and food insecurity. With a view to the current global situation, it provides visitors with food for thought and possible solutions for a more sustainable food system. 

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Special exhibition podcasts


Normal worries about food or already an eating disorder?

We talked in an open round with nutritional psychologist Dr. Erika Toman, head of the Competence Center for Eating Disorders and Obesity Zurich, founding member and long-time president of the Swiss Society for Eating Disorders as well as book author, about eating disorders: about the question of guilt, the fine line between dieting and eating disorders as well as the importance of good communication with the affected persons. The result is an intimate conversation to listen to.

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Food And You. A conversation about personalized nutrition.

What is personalized nutrition? What role does the microbiome in the gut play? Which foods are ideal for my body? How does my blood sugar level behave when I exercise?
We discussed these questions with Harris Héritier, Lead Data Science of the citizen study "Food and You" from the Digital Epidemology Lab at EPFL Lausanne.

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