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Around the world with 80 sacks of flour.

02.09.2015 - 31.01.2016

The Wywiol Collection in Wittenburg DE pays tribute to one of mankind's most important foodstuffs with its more than 3000 flour sacks from all over the world. With a loan of 80 flour sacks, the museum Mühlerama reflects on its core business and focuses on the industrial mill and its end product, flour. Old Swiss flour sacks from the Zurich Zunft zum Weggen are also on display.

The selected flour sacks with their colorful imprints tell stories of small and large mills, of the handling, consumption and significance of flour around the globe.

Whether flour for Parisian bread, roti flour or flour for fritters: flour sacks also tell of culinary traditions in a broader sense. Thus, specific uses of the flour are often depicted pictorially or described with text.

If you look at the flour sacks like works of art, you can analyze and interpret their motifs. Thus it becomes apparent that almost all flour sack motifs are variations on a major theme. They are promises of physical strength, health benefits and status. 

Depending on the culture, the imprints emphasize and praise the quality of the bag's contents in different ways.

There are bags that locate the flour geographically to specific mills or landmarks typical of the country. Other sacks focus on tradition and let ideal images of the miller's and baker's trade speak for themselves. While still others celebrate technical progress. Beyond the figurative level, company logos, superlatives and brand names also stand for the quality of the flour.


Exhibition curators
Carmen Stirnimann
Sara Witmer

Overall management
Pius Tschumi, Museum Mühlerama

Exhibition construction
Max Bansemer
Andreas Bommer
Judith Locher
Fjolla Rizvanolli

Graphics & Design Exhibition
Emanuel Tschumi

Carmen Stirnimann
Sara Witmer
Max Bansemer

Bost production GmbH

MehlWelten Museum, Wittenburg
(Wywiol Collection)
Zunft zum Weggen, Zurich
Reto Murer

Total costs
CHF 46'289

Expert advice
Beat Maumary, Andreas Bommer

With the financial support of
Bühler AG
Schenk city mill
Knecht Mill
Mondi AG
City of Zurich
Albert Lehmann Lindmühle AG
Desinfecta AG, Dr. Hans Vontobel