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Poison: Food can be dangerous

14.03.2012 - 31.01.2013

We eat with pleasure and without hesitation. Our food is safe! That is what we assume today. Food controls are strict. But is this really the case? Aren't environmental toxins contaminating our food? What about glutamate and the many e-substances? Is organic the alternative? The fear of poisoning has accompanied people since time immemorial.

The exhibition told exciting and terrible stories about poison. It showed what nature has to offer in the way of poison, highlighted food scandals and questioned old wisdom about poison.

Divided into four crime scenes, the museum takes Mühlerama through the dangerous toxins that could be in our food if we're not careful.

Because in nature as well as in the kitchen there are countless substances that quickly become a deadly danger. Or did you know that eating bread in the late Middle Ages carried a high risk.

In earlier times, powerful people tried to protect themselves from poisoning with magical objects, tasters and antidotes - usually in vain. However, wantonness was not always behind poisonous food. Food spoils quickly, often without visible traces. Everyday foods thus become deadly fare.

Visitors can test their own knowledge of poison in four crime scenes. There are four poison cases to solve.

The final section is eerily cozy on the crime sofa, where visitors can browse through all the poison mystery novels and view the most toxic substances behind a glass wall.


Exhibition curators
Franziska Rüttimann
Carmen Stirnimann
Claudia Winteler

Overall management
Franziska Rüttimann, Museum Mühlerama

Exhibition construction
Andreas Bommer

Martina Ott

Design, poster, flyer
Attila Morocz

Franziska Rüttimann
Carmen Stirnimann
Claudia Winteler

GraphischeAnstalt J.E. Wolfensberger AG

Total costs
CHF 77'617.30

With the financial support of
Health Promotion
Mr. Vontobel
Migros Culture Percentage
Swiss Life
Ernst Göhner Foundation
Fondation Sana
Hans and Wilma Stutz Foundation
Adolf Streuli Foundation