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14.01.2010 - 31.10.2010

Tongue and nose provide moments of happiness and starry hours in our mouths. It is therefore all the more astonishing that many people mindlessly chow down on their food and are hardly aware of their sense of taste and smell. To remedy this deficiency, Mühlerama is dedicating its new special exhibition to the topic of taste. The special thing about it is: There is nothing to see in the entire exhibition!

Conjuring up something delicious on the table from raw ingredients and spices is the art of cooking. At the same time, fewer and fewer people cook at home. Today, the "cooking" is done by the food industry, whose products fill the supermarket shelves. Food engineers are constantly composing new ready-made meals from flavors, flavor enhancers, raw ingredients, stabilizers, preservatives, etc.  

Does it make sense to make ice cream from vegetable fat instead of cream and then add cream flavoring just because it's cheaper and has a longer shelf life? Do yogurts necessarily always have to taste of strawberry or vanilla? Is it regrettable if children like canned pineapple better than fresh pineapple?

What taste do we want? Is taste only a matter of taste? The exhibition is experienced without the sense of sight and is thus also accessible to visually impaired and blind people. Each person receives an iPod that accompanies them on the one-hour tour. Along a handrail, visitors pass eight stations, each of which reports on a special area of taste. At the same time, objects, tastes and smells are available for exploration.


Exhibition curators
Karin Renold
Franziska Rüttimann

Overall management
Franziska Rüttimann, Museum Mühlerama

Exhibition construction
Andreas Bommer

Design & Graphics
Carmen Gasser Derungs
Remo Derungs
Alessandra Baggiani
Eliane Huber

Graphic publication
Marcel Zwyssler

Franziska Rüttimann
Karin Renold

Sound engineering
Roland Fatzer

Staffeldruck AG

Total costs
CHF 77'693.90

Exhibition catalog
Franziska Rüttimann, Karin Renold
ISBN 978-3-033-02323-9

With the financial support of
Paul Schiller Foundation
Georg and Bertha Schwyzer-Winiker Foundation
Swiss Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Martha Bock Foundation
Friedrich and Amalie Meyer-Baumann Foundation
Buchmann-Kollbrunner Foundation
Ecopolis Foundation
Ernst Göhner Foundation
Hamasil Foundation
Migros Culture Percentage
Max Ochsner Foundation Zollikon
Dr. Hans Vontobel
Zurich Cantonal Bank
Alfred and Bertha Zangger-Weber Foundation