Past exhibitions


23.08.2007 - 20.07.2008

On the scales! By weighing and measuring one's own body, the special exhibition "Voll fett. An exhibition with weight" starts directly with the visitor. Fat is tackled from different angles and encourages visitors to question today's slimming ideals and shows the diversity and changed appreciation of fat.

Constantly checking one's own weight is almost a health policy obligation for everyone today. Standards such as the Body Mass Index (BMI) determine what is considered healthy and thus "normal". Since the 1970s, however, the BMI has been repeatedly corrected downward and excess fat has been fought ever more fiercely. In the first part of the exhibition, visitors can check their own weight using various measuring methods.

The exhibition looks at fat from different angles and asks: What is fat anyway and what functions does it perform in our everyday lives? In what way does a polar bear benefit from fat, and why is it so important for humans? Why were fat bodies once considered beautiful and desirable? What's the deal with measuring bodies? What do people who don't fit today's weight norm say?

The shelves are filled from top to bottom with pure fat. Fat in all shapes and colors is shown here. Interviews provide information about the prejudices with which those affected are confronted and encourage people to think about how society deals with fat and weight.


Exhibition curator
Katja Lesny
(Transfer from Museum BL, Liestal)

Overall management
Franziska Rüttimann, Museum Mühlerama

Exhibition construction
Andreas Bommer

Uschi Gillmann

Belinda Behnke, office for design

Staffeldruck AG

Katja Lesny
Franziska Rüttimann

Total costs
CHF 17'176.00

Technical advice
Barbara Alder, Museum Baselland Liestal
Dominique Frei, Museum Baselland Liestal

With the financial support of
Unilever Switzerland GmbH
Weleda AG
Swiss Milk Producers SMP
Helvetia Sana
City of Zurich

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